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Quick and efficient words to effective writing.

Welcome to the first open Public Bullet Database focusing on Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR), Officer Performance Reports (OPR) and Air Force awards.  

The intent of the bullets within are to inspire and help active duty, guard and reserve Air Force supervisors (Civilian, Enlisted & Officers) build better bullets. 

The success of this site and quality of the bullets is based on how users wish to use it.  In order to contribute to the site you need to register.  Once registered, login and you will have the opportunity to contribute bullets, rate bullets and comment on bullets others have submitted.

Personally, I hated having to create accounts just to see what is there; therefore, this database can be reviewed without an account here.

As you browse the collection of bullets remember, writing styles change over time and the bullets may not always contain the most current ideas and trends of the Air Force.  Again, the intent is to provide information to help trigger your writing, not to write your EPR / OPR / 1206 bullets for you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. As you can see by the stats, numerous people are learning from what you have provided.

We have added a two new categories: Duty Description and EXERCISE_ORI_UCI

If you use Duty Description, please include the AFSC for it.  The EXERCISE_ORI_UCI is for any inspection. -- Granted we are very late in identifying all of the contributors for 2009.  Emails have been sent out to the email address of the User Accounts listed below.  If you are one of these people please send a comment to us with to give us your new email address and we will verify the user info.
Most Contributed for the Year 2009
afboy: 459 bullets $40 Amzn GC
demo: 188 bullets $25 Amzn GC
davidmspeed: 117 bullets $10 Amzn GC
Most Contributed 1st Quarter 2009
demo: 188 bullets $25 Amzn GC
afboy: 158 bullets $15 Amzn GC
snoopbum: 26 bullets
Most Contributed 2nd Quarter 2009
afboy: 301 bullets $25 Amzn GC
davidmspeed: 117 bullets $15 Amzn GC
cad: 99 bullets
Most Contributed 3rd Quarter 2009
COOP1167: 79 bullets $15 Amzn GC
outdoorsmen19: 42 bullets $10 Amzn GC
liftingsmiles: 21 bullets
Most Contributed 4th Quarter 2009
genegoodson: 36 bullets $15 Amzn GC
karenks: 19 bullets
clintberry79: 15 bullets


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